Oral surgery may be needed for a wide variety of reasons. Wisdom teeth can become impacted or misaligned and require removal. A severely injured tooth might need to be extracted. An accident that results in facial trauma will likely require oral surgery. The dental implant procedure involves oral surgery. When indicated, oral lesions can also be surgically removed. Dr. Briceno is a also a specialist in reconstructing facial trauma such as mandible fractures, cheek fractures, and any injuries related to trauma of the mouth. During an in-depth, private consultation with Dr. Briceno, your individual needs and concerns are addressed in detail.

Your Comfort is Our Main Concern
Dr. Briceno recognizes that while oral surgery may be the best option to restore full functioning and exceptional beauty to your smile, most patients anticipate the experience with anxiety and fear. Rest assured that your comfort is our main concern at the Oral Surgery Center of West Orlando. A highly skilled oral surgeon experienced in sedation dentistry techniques, Dr. Briceno can remedy a whole host of conditions with oral surgery while you rest comfortably.

A Safe Environment
The Oral Surgery Center of West Orlando will provide the safest environment possible. Routine monitoring and the availability of additional health care make our location the perfect choice for patients in the West Orlando area.

Call the Oral Surgery Center of West Orlando today at 407.656.9455 to learn more about how we can assist you with your specific oral surgery need or to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Briceno to discuss your particular concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.




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